Eddie Osei

I have been shooting for over 10 years. Photography is my passion as I discover so much about people, locations, structures and myself via the trusted Nikon 750. I have shot a range of genres from portraits, to fashion to scenic to weddings.

My focus is to capture emotion, ranging from the smile of wedding to the raw pain of a funeral. I love candid photography, the unscripted essence of life is what drives my continual efforts to obtain the ultimate shot that tells so many stories.

London based, I have travelled to many locations to capture people. I am driven to find, share time with and eventually to take pictures of people. I am always fascinated by peoples sheer diversity, our charm, our quirks and even our demons.

Away from photography I am a husband and father of two boys, they serve as my grounding.

“We are all connected and our souls are on a journey throughout time and space”. Allow me to capture that moment .